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Why Our Pork?

Murray Valley Pork hits all the Right Notes



  • Improved profit margin
  • Excellent 'sell through'
  • Delivers a premium to the butcher
  • Not available from supermarkets
  • Minimise your labour costs


  • Focus only on the cuts you need
  • Spend time value adding instead of breaking carcasses
  • Ideal use of chiller space, no need to hang
  • More efficient use of your labour - they can serve customers!


  • Guaranteed free from boar taint
  • Always juicy and tender
  • 'Fool proof' cooking for consumers
  • Absolutely delicious every time


  • 31 Products available
  • Full range of cuts
  • Case Ready & Knife Ready products
  • A complete offer for every market


  • Rivalea is Australia’s largest pork producer
  • Full control of everything - from growing the grain, raising the pigs, processing and delivering
  • Full accountability means confidence for butchers


  • Packaged within 24 hours of leaving the farm
  • Shelf life of 28 days (bone in) and 35 days (boneless)


  • Pork becomes a major part of your business
  • Sales often become up to 15% of the meat case
  • Outstanding repeat purchase from consumers
  • Branded for easy recognition and repeat purchase

Visual appeal

  • Perfect presentation straight from the carton
  • Always looks delicious
  • The feature of any meat case